Where flirting isn't only encouraged, it's rewarded
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Shameless Flirts Anonymous provides a no-pressure, sexy environment where couples and singles can express and explore their wild sides in a safe, hot and erotic setting without concern of dealing with unwanted pressures.

At our camping events, there is no need to be a camper to enjoy them, there are hotels close by.  Our camping events are all clothing optional' it's your choice if you stay clothed, partially nude or nude all weekend.  We have room for over 1000 people, so come on out and play in the country.

There will be people of all shapes and sizes, religious, political, educational and social backgrounds.  There will be those who are just curious to the really wild, newbies to veterans, swingers, voyeurs, exhibitionists, people into fetish/DBSM, nudists plus others who totally enjoy the non-pressured adult atmosphere.  There are never any expectations of you except that you behave in a respectful manner towards others.

"Flirting is contagious, so infect someone today!"

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